Texas, say "Hello" to DentaQuest.
And "Hello" to better dental care for your children.

Important Message

TX CHP Providers: To check eligibility and submit claims through 09/30/13, please enter the Date of Birth and Name of the TX CHIP Member. Effective 10/01/13, please enter the new numeric CHIP ID number. If the member does not have their new id number, please continue to enter the Date of Birth and Name of the TX CHIP Member

HHSC has directed DentaQuest to no longer accept claims with 2012 CDT codes. Effective immediately, claims for dates of service in 2013 with 2012 CDT codes will be denied. This includes fluoride codes D1203 and D1204 that became D1208 in the 2013 CDT codes. Please make sure you are submitting with only valid 2013 CDT codes.

Now if you live in Texas and youíre a Medicaid or CHIP member, you can pick DentaQuest for your childrenís dental plan. Fifteen million members in 26 states are enjoying better dental health with DentaQuest Plans. DentaQuest may be new to Texas, but we are not new to dental care. We are experts in the care for children's teeth.
Join our plan and it will be our job to make sure your children get to see excellent dentists whenever they need. We are happy to be here for you in Texas. Welcome to our plan.

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